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 The Rules, read 'em

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CM Frankenstein

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PostSubject: The Rules, read 'em   Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:06 am

You will be banned for the following offenses, and you are responsible for knowing the rules. None of that "I didn't know" crap will save you.

No Spamming - Do not post just to increase your post count, your posts should be meaningful and add to the topic, short replies that are just smileys or redundant are also considered spam. Remember: Post counts are good for very little, here.

No Flaming - No harassing or open insults on the forums.

No Trolling - Do not post about a topic that may cause a flame war. Also issues about racism, sexism, or sexual preference will not be tolerated.

No Porn - NO posting of, nor links to, pornography, will be permitted.

No Hacking stuff - NO posting of, nor links to, PC hacking materials or info, will be permitted. Any technical information that could be used to compromise this site/board's security and/or the staff's ability to properly manage members on the board, should NOT be posted on the open forums.

No Soliciting - Do not try to advertise anything here on the forums without confirmation with me! The posts will be removed and your account will be banned. Unless you post it in the webmaster's board. If you post it any where else you will get banned.

(Mostly, we're concerned with new people registering expressly for the purpose of spam advertising; not trying to scare members into never posting links. Wink )

No Account Sharing - We mean this one. DO NOT share your account with anyone, this has been a very minor problem in the past so I thought I would bring it up here so you all know. If you are caught sharing your account with anyone, more importantly anyone who has been banned in the past, or posting something for them, then you too will be sharing what happened to them.

Keep in mind this is a forum for anyone teen and older; that means people as young as 13 should be expected to be here. Keep the language and content appropriate.

Keep these in mind, and everyone will have a long, happy stay here.

~ CM Frankenstein

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The Rules, read 'em
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